About me

Exploring Virtual Reality Photography


My name is Dennis Claes and I am a Belgian photographer since 1996. I LOVE photography! To me it’s about creating art, but also about freezing moments. So you can imagine my excitement when I first discovered 3D VR180 photography. Mind … blown …

Unfortunately, there are not much resources on how to shoot virtual reality images. There’s a lot about stereoscopic 3D and an increasing amount of resources about 3D 180 video and 360 video and photography … but nothing on actual 3D VR180 … let alone shooting models in VR …

But when I get lemons … I make lemonade. So why not start creating this myself?

Making mistakes is what it’s all about


I’m not a tech geek, and although I do have a lot of experience in “2D photography,” I am a total newbie at virtual reality photography. So this site might be more about me stumbling and getting back up than me teaching the world about 3D VR180. But it’ll be fun and entertaining and I do hope you will be able to learn from the mistakes I’m about to make. 🙂

About the gear


I currently work with an Insta360 Evo. Within its budget, it’s one of the best, if not the best camera to buy. It’s still a glorified webcam with two lenses, so I’m looking forward to upgrade as soon as I have enough funds and the technology evolves.

My goals


My main goal is simple: to have fun! Some photographers, even hobbyists, take their photography WAY too serious. I’m guilty of doing that myself sometimes. So fun before everything!

Creating and learning

I am also excited about growing in this field. VR photography is still in its infancy and I’m excited about learning new techniques, how editing in VR works, upgrading my gear, …


Community is also important to me. There is no community yet about 3D VR180 photography. There are some communities about VR in general, and some small ones about 360 photography, but again … 3D VR180 is left out in the cold. So I created one RIGHT HERE on Facebook.

Financial independence

Lastly … let’s be honest … money is also a factor. It’s not even about the money itself, but what that money can do for my photography. I really want to expand, grow my skills, but also my gear and my models, which does cost money.